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Step Up to the Mic

There are five steps to the world stage and Lisa will guide you through every one.


Why Think Rapt®?

Throughout my entrepreneurial life of almost a decade, many business-building strategies, systems and hacks have come my way.

I gave a lot of them a go. Awards. Multi-author books. FB group. Webinars. Podcast guesting. Speaking. With varying levels of ROI.

Running a business can be a very expensive endeavour. It’s easier to justify the costs when you have a fire in your heart about what you are putting into the world. When you truly, passionately BELIEVE that people need what you have created!

As a savvy business owner, you want to know that where you invest is going to pay off! Either generate high-quality leads, improve business systems or stand out in your market and give you an edge.

Think RAPT® is the only framework that does all three. And it plugs right into those other strategies you are already using!

Think RAPT® is a proven multi-award winning framework for creating Intellectual Property (IP) Assets from your unique genius.

Using the multi-award-winning Think RAPT® system,
we will extract the genius from your brain and turn it
into a suite of IP assets.

The magic in your business is you. You are the secret sauce. By creating your own tailored Visual Model Set you are AMPLIFYING the ‘youness’ that you bring to the market.

Rather than creating business structures and marketing around ‘what you think your clients will respond to’, you create everything from your authentic self within and then send it out into the world. This is the definition of ‘attraction marketing’.

  • By being you and turning it all the way up to 11, you attract amazing aligned clients that genuinely resonate with your messaging.
  • The process allows you to streamline and strategise the way you work and your service delivery, saving you time and energy.
  • By being authentically you in full integrity, you stand out in your market naturally because YOU are one of a kind!

The quickest way to stand out in a Vanilla market is by being Rocky Road!


Discover how you can leverage Think RAPT® to go from Rebel to Rockstar!


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