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About Me...
I'm not afraid to shake things up to inspire creative solutions!


If you are looking for a deeper level of conversation, with real people sharing incredible stories, wisdom and insights, then 'Epiphanish ' is for you.

Lisa facilitates vulnerable and value-packed chats with her guests, so you the viewer or listener can choose to take tangible action in your own life, for improved mental wellbeing. Also available as a Podcast Guest.


For her VIP 1:1 Coaching clients, Lisa brings 20 years of healthcare experience, lived experience of PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, hundreds of training hours and a near decade of coaching. There's probably not a story she hasn't heard, a tragedy shared, a trauma discussed.

Lisa is not afraid of anything her clients can bring to the room, she will greet you with curiosity and compassion. Her most frequent feedback - "Lisa gets it".


A seasoned public speaker, Lisa swiftly creates an energy in the room that allows for real conversation, raw vulnerability and deep reflection.

Holding nothing back, Lisa is 'all in' on sometimes uncomfortable topics. She believes, if she can speak it out loud, it may inspire others to share their challenges with loved ones or colleagues.


Whether you are experiencing self-paced online programs or dynamic in-person training, Lisa is both engaging and entertaining. A passionate educator at heart, Lisa lights up when her participants have their 'Epiphanish' moments. Spiral Evolution Academy is the training hub destination for first responders and healthcare professionals looking to improve mental wellbeing and self-development. 

About You...

  • You took on a uniformed role (scrubs are a uniform) because you wanted to help people and make the world a slightly less shitty place.
  • You enjoy bringing order to chaos and making someone's bad day feel not quite as bad.
  • You studied your butt off to get into this job in the first place. Not everyone can do what you do.
  • They trained you to manage whatever you had to deal with at 'the job'. You were prepared for shift work. You're ok with blood, crisis and others in distress.
  • What they didn't teach you was how to deal with arsehole colleagues and managers, aggressive or abusive members of the public, witnessing violence, pain and loss, day in/day out. Where do you put that? How do you not take that home? How will you ever sleep well again?

I get it! That was me too.


Rockstars, listen up!

If you are sick of spending your allocated sessions explaining yourself to those meant to help you, you are in the right place.

Using all of her training and experience both in and out of (Paramedic) uniform, Lisa creates a space where you feel heard and understood!

This is for you if you know you still love your work, want to keep providing for your loved ones and want to feel great again doing it!

The quickest way to get back to the top of your game is by investing in your own wellbeing!


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