After a decade as a Paramedic, Lisa found herself angry all the time, exhausted and hitting the roof when the toaster popped. It took two years for her to be given a diagnosis of PTSD.

After three months wallowing on the couch wearing her diagnosis like a warm fluffy jumper, Lisa realised that this wasn't the life she wanted at 34 years old with a young family, got CURIOUS and made a DECISION to seek out solutions. Eighteen months of a personal development journey later and Lisa was symptom and medication free. That was 2015.

Since then Lisa has spent her time, learning, speaking, educating and advocating for complementary mental health pathways, working with individuals to heal their trauma and volunteering time and expertise at organisations such as Victoria Police.

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This easy to read book uses simple language to get you started on your wellness journey and leave the past behind for good!
Sharing with you the '3 Keys' Lisa has refined through her own experience of trauma, recovery and what lays beyond. A practical resource to assist in allowing your mind to start to access new ways of thinking and in time, taking action to support your wellbeing.

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Lisa's YouTube Channel has short videos simplifying complex concepts and longer videos where Lisa shares her personal story from the heart. Lisa has also appeared as a guest on other's channels.


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Lisa is fortunate enough to be asked to write guest blogs on occasion, click below to have a read.

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Lisa has had the opportunity to be a guest on several radio shows and podcasts.


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Lisa Westgate has outgrown PTSD, Anxiety and Depression. Through her Speaking, Training and Book she shares how she went from 'Broken' to making a positive Impact on the world.

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“Somehow we’ve come to equate success with not needing anyone. Many of us are willing to extend a helping hand, but we’re very reluctant to reach out for help when we need it ourselves. It’s as if we’ve divided the world into “those who offer help” and “those who need help.” The truth is that we are both.” Brene Brown


What Others Say-About Lisa's Training


 Everyone should do NLP Prac, even if they have no plans (yet) to coach. We really do all have the resources we need to succeed - NLP Prac helped me tap into and strengthen my own resources. I have learnt a lot about myself in this training and after 8 days I feel I have experienced a huge amount of growth. I am excited about my future and my plans to move into coaching, knowing I have left my fear behind.

Lisa is a fabulous trainer who came along with us on the journey. I never felt pressured or unsafe. Lisa is dynamic, funny, and honest and her passion in the room is obvious. I am so glad I was able to be in the room with this group of amazing people. My life is better and I will continue to grow because of my experience with them.  

Kim Savige 

/ Retired Paramedic and Author

lifelong learning

Transformational training

Entrusting Lisa with your learning is an honour she does not take lightly. A committed educator, Lisa has an RTO recognised Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is an accredited Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She combines this with two decades of pre-hospital experience, coaching training, behavioural profiling and extensive private study on a range of topics. This enables Lisa to be a powerful Speaker and Trainer who throughly enjoys creating the right conditions for her students 'lightbulb'' moments. Click below to learn more about Lisa's upcoming trainings across Australia.

A unicorn that Speaks about elephants

Lisa has had the privilege of speaking on many stages from local to international, physical and virtual. She is a passionate advocate for open conversations about difficult and sometimes taboo topics. Her no BS style appeals to the new mentality of 'real, honest and raw' presentations that speak to the heart, from the heart. Beyond sharing her lived experience of mental health issues, being a two time rape survivor and years as a Paramedic, Lisa offers more than hope. She offers potential solution pathways for seemingly complex issues like self-care, boundaries, organisational challenges and suicide.

Her Keynote's include:

"Becoming A Unicorn" - Lisa's personal Recovery Story

"3 Keys To Outgrow Trauma" - Based on her E-Book (also available as a Workshop)

"Rock Bottom to Rocking" - Lisa' model for Minimising Mental Ill-Health in Organisations and Communities (also available as a Half -Day Training)

Delivering content on challenging topics like these, in Lisa's opinion, requires some levity. Lisa isn't afraid to speak about heavy issues in a light-hearted way. She believes this makes way for open discussion.

To chat to Lisa about adding a valuable contribution to your event or training click the link below.


What Others Say - About Lisa's Speaking


It was so completely refreshing to have someone talk to us without any filters.  Lisa's raw, honest story about her time at AV and her struggle with mental health issues really hit home and had people talking afterwards.

A few of us stayed on for coffee later on and we began telling stories about our own struggles which was just amazing to be a part of.  There were so many aspects of Lisa's story that people could relate to in one way or the other.

We were all disappointed we didn’t get more time with Lisa! 


 / Acting Sergeant Victoria Police


 Listening to Lisa talk whilst moving around on stage was engaging, rather than listening to someone sit down and talk the whole time. Lisa's experience was so raw and I honestly think people will be able to relate to themselves better. I really admire that Lisa tells her story with a bit of humour.

My key takeaway would be the difference between who I am in uniform vs when it comes off. It reinforces that work can be picked up wherever its left off and how important it is to switch off and have something that makes me happy.

Your mantra of “reaching in” has inspired me to be more mindful.


/ PSO Victoria Police


I’m a person who really engages with stories/ experience so thank you Lisa for your brutal honesty.

I really connected with what Lisa taught us even though some of us might not have or go through the same thing. I’m working on initiating the ‘third space’ between work and home.

The best bit of advice Lisa shared, in my opinion was the fridge list of what you want or love to do (Happiness Strategies) so I will spend some time sitting down and write one out. 


/ PSO Victoria Police

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3 Keys

To Outgrow Trauma

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