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What I'll Do Before the Call. Prior to us jumping on a Discovery Call, I will be looking at your website, analysing your messaging, and checking your social media engagement.


We spend 45 minutes Discovering where you are at, what is working and not working right now. You leave with an offer of a pathway to move forward which you then choose to activate.

You Choose to EXPLORE further
  • 12 Weeks One-to-One Coaching
  • Accountability via Trello
  • All About You - Not a Group Program
  • Reprogram Limiting Beliefs, Reshuffle Values
  • Get You Aligned with Success
  • 6 Weeks Coaching/6 Weeks Mentoring
EMPOWER Yourself to GENERATE the
Business you DREAM about.

The Fearless Coach Mentoring Program will give you the CLARITY you need to know how you want to serve your clients. Reconnect to the CONFIDENCE in yourself and your PASSION. Develop a COURSE based on your unique SYSTEM of working. And set yourself up for CONSISTENT CLIENTS by repeating the system.

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what our customers are saying


I put off starting my coaching business for a long time. I couldn't narrow down the clientele I wanted to work with and would be best suited to. Initially I thought I wanted to go in one direction. Cue Lisa and her amazingness!!! A casual conversation and the right questions and mentoring, and within half an hour I had it nailed down with ideas, plans, target client group and a logo! It was in a totally different direction than I had 'thought' I wanted to go and I am so, so happy with the outcome. From there it was such an easy, fun and exciting process. I am confident in what I am embarking upon and my many years of life and work experience seem to have all led to this one point. I would not have recognised the links and been so clear in my path or as confident about starting without Lisa's support and coaching. Thanks so much Lisa. My world is a better place with you in it.

Kim Savige

/ Founder / Oaktree Coaching


After one particular session with Lisa I realised that what I thought was one of my worst decisions in my business was actually my best decision as I could now see that I had learnt so much and had educated myself on how to avoid my failure. She showed me how I was in such a stronger position because of past failure. As a result I could let go of the pain it caused me and focus on the lessons that have made me so much better than I was. After three sessions of mentoring with Lisa, I have opened up a whole new niche in my business. She helped me see what was right in front of me as an opportunity for a new client base. Its funny now it seems so obvious but I was lost in the fog of my day to day. Now I am working my way into this niche and opportunities are opening up. Thank you Lisa for shining a torch on what is possible.

Matthew Tait

/ Founder / Fork In Road Coaching


Every conversation I have with Lisa, whether professional or personal, leaves me inspired, full of self belief and possibilities. She gives straight answers and honesty, which is refreshing.

She helps you find clarity and the action you need to take. 

Nerissa Saville

/ Founder / 'Victory' - Sexual Abuse Recovery


I’ve been working with Lisa on the set up of my new business and thoroughly enjoyed our last client session. Lisa is a creative mentor and great communicator. There is real skill to be able to assist in building the vision and guide people through their business goals and missions. Lisa did just that! Thank you Lisa. 

Fiona Beamish

/ Coach / FionaBeamish.com


When I was struggling, Lisa asked the challenging questions to get me where I needed to be. Now after clearing imposter syndrome and not good enough issues, I am confidently re-branding and know who my customers are and where to find them. Thanks Lisa for saving me a massive amount of time and money."  

Leigh Hampson

/ Founder/ Addiction Release Coaching


I'm going to be straight with YOU

I used to have issues with Coaches that market to Coaches. And to be honest, I probably still do (that's my stuff). But what I am offering here has come about because you asked for it. I have had coaches coming to me asking how I became an Amazon Best-Selling Author, appear in media and podcasts, win awards and more. I have created this offering to get YOU on the path to SUCCESS, whatever that looks like for you. This is NOT a Marketing program, this is about clearing roadblocks and extracting your PASSIONATE GENIUS out and putting it into the WORLD!

If you haven't already, watch the Webinar below for all the details.

Lisa Westgate

Freedom Mindset Training Founder